Aðalsteinn Leifsson

Appointment as SCMO

Aðalsteinn Leifsson has been appointed State Conciliation and Mediation Officer (SCMO) for a five year period, starting April 1st 2020.

The SCMO operates under the Ministry of Social Affairs to mediate in wage disputes, monitor the situation and outlook in industry and in the labour market and keep a register of collective bargaining agreements in force. His position is grounded in the Act on Trade Unions and Industrial Disputes, No. 80/1938. According to the law the SCMO shall be appointed for terms of five years at a time. He shall be an Icelandic citizen, in charge of his financial affairs and have an unblemished reputation. Efforts shall be made to ensure that his attitude is such that he may be regarded as impartial in matters involving employees and employers.



Mr. Leifsson holds a BS degree in Political Science from the University of Iceland, an MSc in European Studies from the London School of Economics (LSE) and Political Science and an MBA from Edinburgh Business School.


From January 2014 until February 2020 Mr. Leifsson worked as a director at EFTA with headquarters in Geneva, Brussels and Luxemburg. Alongside his work for EFTA, the European Free Trade Association,  he has been an assistant professor at Reykjavik University where be has taught negotiations and conflict resolution.