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Ástráður Haraldsson

Appointment as SCMO

Mr. Ástráður Haraldsson was appointed State Conciliation and Mediation Officer (SCMO) in 2023 for a five year period. His term of appointment began on July 18th 2023.

Operating under the Ministry of Social Affairs, the role of the SCMO is to mediate in wage disputes, monitor the situation and outlook in industry and in the labour market and keep a register of collective bargaining agreements in force. The  position is grounded in the Act on Trade Unions and Industrial Disputes, No. 80/1938, as amended. According to the Act, the SCMO is to be appointed for terms of five years at a time. The person appointed must be an Icelandic citizen, financially solvent and with an unblemished criminal record, and must be seen as having a perspective conducive to impartiality in matters concerning employees and employers.


Education and experience

Mr. Haraldsson completed his law degree at the University of Iceland in 1990.  He qualified as a district court lawyer in 1991 and became an attorney at the Supreme Court in 1995.   He worked as a lawyer for over three decades before taking up the post of district judge in January of 2018.  He worked part-time as an assistant mediator from 2019.