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The Committee
on Labour Market Statistics

The Committee is a cooperative body established for the purpose of compiling statistics to be used in collective bargaining. Set up by the Icelandic government, local authorities and the social partners represented by the labour and employers’ confederations, it began its work in December 2019. The Committee is composed of representatives of the Prime Minister’s Office, the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs, the Icelandic Confederation of Labour (ASÍ), the Icelandic Confederation of University Graduates (BHM), the Icelandic Teachers’ Union (KÍ), the Association of Local Authorities in Iceland, SA Confederation of Icelandic Enterprise, and Statistics Iceland.

Helped by the work of the Committee, the social partners, the government and the local authorities cooperate on the production and use of statistics on wages and the economy to be used as an aid in the preparation and follow-up of collective agreements. The purpose of the Committee is to help the parties to the agreement to reach a common understanding of the nature, characteristics and evolution of statistics relevant to collective bargaining.

The Office of the State Conciliation and Mediation Officer provides the Committee with work and meeting facilities.

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Statistics Iceland
The National Statistical Institute of Iceland

Statistics Iceland, founded in 1914, is the centre for official statistics in Iceland and has the leading role in the organisation, coordination and conduct thereof. Statistics Iceland collects, processes and disseminates data on the economy and society.

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